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Get Your Jollies

Are you as jolly as the festive season says you should be? ‘tis the season after all, and your time this Christmas should be spent doing things that spread the maximum amount of cheer whilst also being as fun as possible for you as well. There are no symbols more synonymous with Christmas than Santa Claus himself however, and in spite of people wrongfully attributing the image of the fat gentleman adorned with a uniform redder than Rudolph’s nose to Coca Cola’s advertising campaign (among others, Thomas Nast’s 19th century depiction disproves the myth), Christmas cheer is spread by thousands of different Chris Cringles every year. When he isn’t busy in the North Pole making toys for various children, Mr. Cringle is apparently starring as the central role in a fair few Christmas games on the internet. We have a few of these Santa-themed games for your to get all festive over, so why not have a gander over yonder (translated: below) and see if you can’t make your festive season all the more jolly for doing so.

Sleighs are Out, Rockets are In

Rocket Santa game

Perhaps the most successful and famous of all the flash-based Christmas games on the internet are the Rocket Santa titles. The first Rocket Santa set forth the unusual format that involved a Christmasy twist on the classic vertical launch game style. Rocket Santa gives you a rocket with Santa attached to it, charging your with the responsibility of launching him as far as you possible can into the air. Upgrades are available to improve your rocket and various peripherals, allowing you to improve your altitude after pretty much every turn.

Rocket Santa 2 marked a notable improvement for the series, carrying over the structure of its predecessor in order to build on the foundation laid out by it as well. There are more upgrades of increased benefit to your journey available in the sequel, though the amount grinding required to purchase them is quite substantial and doesn’t really warrant the incremental improvements that are applied as a result.

Puzzle Me Festive

Snowline game

Ok, so if you’re not a fan of grinding for cash and upgrades and the slow progress of a launch game, then maybe a puzzle game may tickle your festive feelings. For those that enjoy solving minor dilemmas in a marginally creative way, Snowline is the perfect puzzle game. In the game, you must get Santa from one side of the screen to the other by drawing a line that Santa can use as a surface to travel on once the play button as been pressed. You must also ensure that the line passes close enough to each of the presents on the screen as well, otherwise you won’t win the level even if Santa does reach the finishing flag.

Snowline 2 doesn’t offer much of a revolutionary departure from its predecessor, but it does have a collection of new levels and very, very slightly updated graphics.

Crude But Fun

Ho Ho Yellow Snow game

Another title that may interest you if you like titles with concepts that border on the clinically insane is Ho Ho Yellow Snow. From the title you can probably guess what goes on in this twisted game, but in case you haven’t deduced it, the game essentially involves playing a game of join the dots, though instead of a pen you must use Santa’s pee to connect them. That’s right, you must click the screen to start emptying Santa’s bladder and connect the dots before the stream runs dry. At no point did I say it was a tasteful game, but I’ll gladly inform you of its ability to cast a smirk upon your face, no matter what age or level of up-tight you may be.

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